Gardens continually evolve and ideas for garden landscaping change like the seasons. We bring our experience to new and old gardens whilst keeping in touch with our clients’ needs and visions. Our landscaping services provide well trained staff, the best quality materials and knowledge of trends and industry improvements.

Our clients are important to us so we include you in the whole process of the landscaping experience. From start to finish of a new garden or even if you are just looking for a garden overhaul. We strongly believe in being Eco-friendly and undertake each project to be not only beautiful but ecologically appropriate and sustainable.

Landscaping is not purely the idea of creating a garden but the knowledge of where plants, lawns, trees and any other garden design additions should be placed. We pay particular attention to shaded, full sun, swimming pool and other unique design areas.

We do not believe in taking shortcuts when it comes to landscaping your garden and we take action only after a well thought out plan has been created.

  •  We have a look at your properties characteristics and size
  • We have a look at any outside taps for easy watering.
  • We check what type of soil you have
  • We take note of any neighbouring trees, walls and obstructions

After a careful inspection of your garden, we will come up with ideas and discuss them with you. Once your landscaping plan has been implemented and completed we will assist you with maintenance instructions or you can make use of our maintenance plans. 

Creating a beautiful garden takes a team, let us be your team.