Spring is in the air and it’s time to attend to the most visual part of your garden – The lawn

The weather seems to have changed and we are not sure when our spring and summer seems to begin. A few warm days and a touch of rain will certainly bring the gardener out in us and we will want to tackle our gardens with gusto. Getting your timing right to attend to your lawn is important , try and wait until your lawn is turning green before you go outside and start raking, aerating or mowing.

Not all lawns are created equal and the way you treat them depends on age and the condition of your lawn. Here are a few tips to get your lawn preparation going and your lawn in beautiful, tip top shape for those lazy summer days.

Rake your lawn

Over the winter months thatch builds up creating a barrier blocking sunlight, air and moisture from reaching your turf. Great for keeping our lawn moist so it does not die, but now is the time to remove the thatch to allow penetration of all the spring nutrients. Make sure that the ground is dry when you rake. You will find that this assists in separate existing grass shoots and encourages new growth.

Aerate your lawn

Aerating does not have to be done every year and really depends on your soil compaction. Parking cars, garden furniture and heavy items on your lawn can create a higher compaction making It difficult for grass to take root. On average you may need to aerate your lawn only once every 3 to 5 years.

Fertilise your lawn

Spring is a time for new growth so you don’t want to give the new grass shoots a too rich fertiliser. Ask your local garden centre to do a soil test so they can advise you on what your soil needs. The rains have come and now your grass is growing thick and beautiful, it’s time for a well-balanced, slow-release fertiliser. Lawns need care and attention especially during the spring and summer months. Depending on what type of lawn you have and the condition of it will determine the amount of fertilisation it needs.

Look after your lawn and it will bring great satisfaction. Green, healthy and lush are what we all aim for to make it the pride of our garden.