Core Aeration

Our professional machines are core aerators that run over your grass and remove cores of soil to alleviate compaction. Aeration is part of turf management and should be undertaken annually.

Aeration benefits:-

  • Alleviates Compaction builds up over the years and needs to be broken for the grass to grow in a healthy state.
  • Allows water and nutrients to reach the root zone. This is important for the turf to maintain color, density and resistance to fungus diseases and drought.
  • Breaks the thatch for better air penetration. The benefits from air circulation will show in the healthy state of the grass.

Before Aeration

Compact and dense soil with shallow and weak roots

After Core Removal

Nutrients,water and air can now enter the soil

6-8 Weeks Later

New and deeper roots mean increased lawn density

Need your Lawn Aerated… No Problem!¬†