Planting Grass – the correct grass in the right areas of your garden.

Lawn Care Plus plants thousands of sq meters of new lawn between August and April. Do not plant grass in the winter months.

Only the highest quality grass from our farmer in the Brits Valley is used. All areas are checked before planting to ensure that the soil quality is good enough.

We plant the correct grass in the right areas of your garden. There is an after sales service which is included in the price where we come back and roll and cut any new grass. A special lawn booster is then added, and watering instructions left.


The tropical grass species Cenchrus Clandestinus is known by several common names, most often kikuyu grass, as it is native to the highland regions of East Africa that is home to the Kikuyu people. Because of its rapid growth and aggressive nature, it is categorized as a noxious weed in some regions. It must only be planted in full sun.

LM grass:

LM grass, also known as Durban grass, coat grass and sweet smother grass, is indigenous to South Africa, found predominantly on the KZN coast and Mozambique. It forms a dense, dark green lawn under ideal growing conditions. LM grass performs well in full sun, as well as in shady and semi-shade conditions.

Seeded grass:

We seed a grass mixture for fine lawns with little or no traffic. The same method is used as those on golf courses.