General Lawn Issues and Treatments

The Lawn Treatment Program is a service we offer to all clients.

We call on a monthly basis using a granular herbicide, mixed with water and sprayed onto the lawn. This kills the weeds and not the grass.

Quarterly Lawn Treatment

Core Aeration. The lawn is aerated with our professional hollow –tiner machines.

Fertilizing. We spread a fertilizer suitable for all grasses.

Insect Control. (Harmless to birds, pets and children). This is applied in a liquid format to kill Mole Crickets, Ants, Termites and Lawn Caterpillar.

Lawn Booster. We spray a solution of iron and Sulphur onto the lawn to promote growth.

Lawn Disease. This is a special treatment only costed and applied in winter when unexplained brown patches appear.

Not Certain why your Lawn is Not looking Good?