Winter Clean Up for your Lawn and Garden

A common mistake we tend to make is forgetting about our garden and lawn care during winter. We wrongly assume that winter is the season where all plants go dormant. A garden requires maintenance all year-round, and the effort you put in the colder months will go a long way, come Spring. This is only offered between May and July.

So let us help in this time with:

  • Cutting of your lawn.
  • Prune and clean up shrubs and trees.
  • Light trimming.

Winter frost can be detrimental to your lawn and landscaping if you’re not prepared. The cold temperatures can cause damage to your grass and plants, making it difficult for them to recover come springtime. To prevent frost damage, it’s important to take proactive measures to protect your lawn.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to ensure your lawn is healthy and well-maintained before the winter season begins. This includes regular fertilization and watering, as well as raking up any fallen leaves or debris.

Hiring Lawn Care Plus can be helpful, as we have the expertise and experience to identify potential issues and take preventative measures. By taking the necessary steps to protect your lawn from winter frost, you can ensure that your landscaping stays healthy and beautiful year-round.

Let us be the Team

to make your Garden Beautiful!