Feng shui is the ancient art of placement, arrangement, for flow, harmony and balance, to promote good energy, wealth, health, success, and happiness. The practice of Feng Shui is a very detailed discipline. However, there are a few basic principles anyone can incorporate into their garden, or garden design. This will help draw good energy (Chi) to your home. It will also help your home keep its own Chi, and the whole property have an optimal balance of male (Yang) /female energy (Yin).

The main principles of feng shui in your garden:

Good Energy flow (flow of Chi):

  • Use winding and flowing lines for pathways and flower beds. This encourages the flow of good energy (Chi). Avoid straight lines and hard angles, and if you can’t, place a pot plants with soft, broad leaves at corners to help route Chi.
  • There should be more open space than plants. This is best achieved with a lawn area. Ensure that the lawn area offers both sun and shade for the most relaxing and inviting energy.

A full ‘feng shui’ adhering to the principles of the Feng Shui Bagua  would need to start with landscaping. However, from the start, and in an existing garden, you can incorporate some of the basic principles of the 5 Chinese Elements, to achieve balance and flow of Chi.

The 5 Elements of Nature: Use colour, foliage (leaf shape), and garden ornamentation, placed according to the Feng Shui Bagua to incorporate the Chinese 5 Elements of nature and achieve balance. These are:

Water: North part of garden. Blue flowers. Trickling water features such as fountains are a delight and attract plenty of Chi. Bird baths are also very beneficial. Meandering pathways.

Wood: Plant in the East, bamboo wind chimes

Fire: Plant in the South, red and orange flowering shrubs, bulbs, and creepers (think Flame Lilies). Spiky plants.

Earth: Yellow flowers. Brick borders, stone pathways, and terracotta pots.

Metal: West, north-west placement. White flowers, metal garden ornaments and metal wind chimes.

The good energy you get from working in your garden to incorporate Feng Shui will be beneficial in itself. So get your Chi on and get gardening!

Feng Shui in your Garden should include water