Ever driven down a road on a hot summers day and you see people that are watering their lawn? You would be right if you shook your head and thought, “what a waste of water”. There is no need to be wasteful if you take delight in your lawn and garden.

By following the simple tips below, you should reap the benefits of a great lawn whilst being water wise in a country that needs to be very water conscience, also consider going indigenous to save our precious water resources. The simple test is to stand on your lawn for a few seconds, if the lawn springs under about one and a half minutes, you do not need to water.

  • Early morning watering is the way to go, it is not as hot and there is generally less wind causing slower water evaporation. Evening watering on the other hand increases the chance of fungal disease.
  • Don’t allow your sprinklers to water paved areas, this is wasteful and it’s just a matter of adjusting your sprinkler direction. Make sure that if your sprinklers are on a timer, that you adjust them after a power outage.
  • Don’t just sprinkle; rather give your lawn a deep watering. Deep lawn watering encourages roots to go deeper to find water, so in times of drought it is strong enough to find it. Deep lawn watering also requires that you water your lawn less frequently.
  • Lawns in the full sun need far more water than those in shade.
  • Consider using grey water for your lawn, but only use water from the bath, shower and basins. Water from washing machines and your kitchen sink may contain poisonous chemicals that could kill your lawn.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed neatly as this allows the water to penetrate the soil where the water is needed the most.

As a general rule of thumb you should water your lawn twice a week in summer, weather permitting of course. Some scorching heat, some cool weather and rain changes the rule of thumb. Water less in winter, this allows your grass to go dormant getting ready for new growth in the spring. Creating a healthy lawn will create less work, something we all would love to hear. Treating your lawn to a complete makeover may be just the thing your garden needs to shine, give us shout at Lawncare Plus and we will give you a quote.


I am a lawn care treatment specialist whose passion for working outdoors has blossomed into a thriving business. What sets me apart is my dedication to understanding each lawn’s unique needs. I don’t just apply generic treatments; I assess soil conditions, identify specific grass types, and tailor my approach accordingly. This personalised touch has earned me a reputation for delivering exceptional results. I now offer comprehensive lawn care solutions, including planting, executing meticulous cleanups, and even crafting stunning landscapes. My team and I value building relationships with our clients, taking time to educate them about proper lawn care practices, empowering them to maintain healthy, beautiful lawns year-round.