Lawn Edging tools are a personal choice and are often chosen for a variety of reasons.We all seem to have that problem if we do not have flower bed borders; the beds just seem to get bigger especially when you have put so much effort into designing your garden!

With some nifty trimming tools it makes it easier to control the trim of your lawn and keep your flower beds the size that you intended with you original landscaping. There are both petrol and electrical trimmers available and it really is your choice which one would suit you best.

Large gardens sometimes do not have an electrical outlet so petrol would be your first choice. Some people also find it easier to trim their lawns with a petrol trimmer so that avoid falling over the cord.

Lawn Trimmers

Trimmers have a nylon line with a high speed; the cutting head allows the line to be cut horizontally through long grass and weeds. The effectiveness depends on the diameter of the line and the line thickness, they range from 30cm to 36cm. Consider what size trimmer you purchase when you take into account the size of your garden. With small beds the smaller diameter is easier to control and shaping your edging is more defined, making garden maintenance a lot easier.

Lawn Trimmer

Lawn Brush Cutters

Brush cutters use a much thicker nylon and can even have blades that are place perpendicular to the ground. They are more powerful that trimmers and can tackle thicker grass, weeds, overgrown areas and even some bushes. Really large gardens and parks tend to opt for this tool as it is robust but not very accurate in comparison to a trimmer.

Lawn Cutter

Garden Shears

These are not for the faint hearted as they are really meant for those places where no machine can really get to. Shears are usually used for trimming bushes, some small tree branches and snipping of those dead flowers. Having shears in your garden tool kit is a must have, especially for reaching those edges that just cannot be reached or are too delicate for a trimmer or cutter.

Keeping your lawn neat, trimmed and healthy does require the correct tools. When choosing a trimmer for your garden beds make sure that you speak to a professional. Just like gardens we come in all sizes and strengths so choose a trimmer that you find easy to handle for your strength and that is easy to maintain.

Garden Shears


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