It’s not only lack of water that can make your lawn turn brown and patchy. Insects that eat the grass, or the grass roots, can destroy a perfectly manicured lawn in weeks!

These, and other insects, will always be present in your garden, and in your lawn, but when a lawn insect infestation causes visible damage, urgent action is required. The most common pests, that do the most damage, are lawn caterpillars, mole crickets and white grubs.

Very hungry lawn critters:

1.Lawn caterpillars: These hide underground during the day and pop up at night to eat the grass. You can tell if you have a caterpillar infestation when you start to see patches of dead or dying grass and patches of ground. Lawn caterpillars can be eradicated with a targeted pesticide.

2.Mole crickets: These beasts live underground all the time, living off the roots of the grass. A sign of their presence is the sudden appearance of patches of rotten brown grass. These patches can be large, as the insects are big, and they can eat a lot. The damage they cause can be extensive and irreparable. To avoid having to replant sections of lawn, you need to find the crickets and kill them as soon as you spot the tell-tale patches.

Insecticide can be used, but you need to get at them first. Pour water mixed with dishwashing liquid on the patch until the insect pops up. As you can imagine, this can be time consuming and imprecise – especially if you have a large lawn with many brown patches! Don’t deal with a  lawn insect infestation on your own, Call in the professionals!

3. White Grubs: These scarab beetle larvae are very hungry and hatch out of sight underground. They feed on the grass roots. Look for grass ‘lifting’ off the ground and then turning brown. They can be dealt with using a targeted pesticide.

There are many other insects that can cause a problem if their numbers become too many. If you don’t know what’s rotting your lawn, lawn specialists can diagnose the problem and deal with it effectively.


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