Yes, you SHOULD INVEST IN ORGANIC LAWN CARE. Gone are the days of traditional pesticides and weedkillers to keep your lawn pest and weed free. Mostly, anyway…

Before we go into what you should invest in organic lawn care – here’s a quick reminder of what it replaces:

Pesticides: Ideally, you shouldn’t use traditional lawn care pesticides that kill indiscriminately in your garden. These will kill the ‘good bugs’ along with the pests that can destroy your lawn and plants. They also kill the food the birds depend on.

Pesticides also kill beneficial insects such as bees, and the ’friendly’ insects that eat these pests – such as ladybirds. No ladybirds = an aphid infestation!

Additionally, fewer bees and other pollinator insects such as moths and hoverflies, means fewer flowers and fruits.

Weedkillers: Chemical weed control poisons the soils and can kill surrounding plants and even trees.

That’s a lot of damage to do your garden and the environment just to keep your lawn looking pretty.

(A final note on this: snail poison is DEADLY to your pets if they ingest it)

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care involves organic methods to promote a healthy lawn – from the type of grass you choose to fertilising, watering and manual weeding.

Organic lawn care focuses on prevention rather than ‘cure’.

  • Organic lawn care is free of chemicals. It involves expert planting, soil upkeep and fertilisation practices and services.
  • Lawn health and resilience to pests and weeds is maximised through the promotion of natural microbes, found in fungi and bacteria in compost.
  • Healthy lawns have bugs, but they are more able to withstand the damage that these bugs can cause.
  • Healthy, naturally fertilised lawns are therefore also far more resistant to the kinds of insect and weed infestations that would require intervention with pesticides and weedkillers.

You may not have a prefect lawn all the time. But you will have a healthy garden that will require far less intervention, chemicals, and care overall in the long term. You will also have healthy, chemical free soil, healthy happy plants, flowers, ladybugs, bees, and birds galore.

It’s more than just an investment in your lawn. Organic Lawn Care = a Beautiful, Buzzing and Healthy Garden.


I am a lawn care treatment specialist whose passion for working outdoors has blossomed into a thriving business. What sets me apart is my dedication to understanding each lawn’s unique needs. I don’t just apply generic treatments; I assess soil conditions, identify specific grass types, and tailor my approach accordingly. This personalised touch has earned me a reputation for delivering exceptional results. I now offer comprehensive lawn care solutions, including planting, executing meticulous cleanups, and even crafting stunning landscapes. My team and I value building relationships with our clients, taking time to educate them about proper lawn care practices, empowering them to maintain healthy, beautiful lawns year-round.