There are several different types of lawn grass in South Africa. From the commonly known lawn grasses almost all home-owners are familiar with, such as Kikuyu, to lesser known varieties of Kweek.

Following is a list of the various types of grass used as lawn grass as well as sports field turf – with a brief description of each type.

Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu is one of the most commonly used types of lawn grass in South Africa. A hardy, drought-tolerant grass, easy to maintain and weathers foot traffic well. Kikuyu is a popular choice of grass for lawns and sports-fields in frost-free areas.

Buffalo Grass

Although somewhat courser than Kikuyu, buffalo grass is another very popular type of lawn grass in South Africa. Commonly used for lawns in coastal areas thanks to high salt tolerance and good growth in sandy soil with high calcium content.

Kearsney Grass

An attractive lawn grass that appears a lighter green than most other grasses. Kearsney grass is a slow and low growing ‘tropical’ course grass that does well in nutrient deficient soils in frost free coastal areas such as KZN. Kearsney grass is a low maintenance grass Requires less frequent mowing than Kikuyu or Buffalo grass.

Berea Grass (‘LM Grass’ or ‘Durban Grass’)

Berea grass is neither frost or drought tolerant and does not handle heavy foot traffic. However, it’s a good-looking lawn grass that does well the right climate, when properly maintained and watered. Ideal for lawns in tropical or sub-tropical coastal areas, as well a hotter inland areas with high humidity and sandy soils.

Kearnsey and Berea grass

‘Kweek’ Grass – a Group of Indigenous South African Lawn Grass Varieties and Hybrids

Kweek Grass is a commonly used name for a group of fine textured lawn grasses called ‘Cynodon Grasses’. Also called ‘Bermuda Grass’ or ‘Couch grass’, Kweek is an indigenous group of grasses commonly used for sports-fields as well as lawns thanks to the fine texture and low growing habit.

• Used for ‘instant lawn’ grass plugs – with different varieties of Kweek suitable for different areas.
• Kweek hybrids have been developed to be hardier and able to withstand light frosts – making them suitable for lawns in Gauteng.
• Kweek is the ideal lawn grass for a ‘manicured lawn’ look.

Cold Season Grasses

This type of lawn grasses in South Africa includes various varieties that have developed through hybridisation for colder winter, frost-prone areas, such as Gauteng. There are two main varieties most used for frost-prone lawns and shady or semi-shade lawn areas.
• All Seasons Evergreen’ Grasses: frost-tolerant grasses for full sun or semi-shade.
• Shade Over Grasses: ideal for heavy shade areas. Often used with other types of lawn grass – to fill in lawn areas where other grasses won’t grow. Frost tolerant and evergreen if watered enough through the year.

There are many varieties and cultivars within the types of lawn grass in South Africa – with more being developed all the time. It’s best to refer to your lawn professionals to help you choose the perfect grass type for your lawn and garden.


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