Spring treatments for lawns and bedding plants ensure your garden emerges from winter in the fastest, best and healthiest way. This will help you garden plants and lawn turf thrive from the start of the growing season, all the way to the end of the autumn months.

In gardening and horticulture, a ‘spring treatment’ refers to a series of tasks undertaken in spring to prepare your garden for best summer growing results. These tasks include pest control, pre-emergent weed control, fertilising and pruning.

Different spring treatment tasks, such as weed and pest control, spring fertilizing, and pruning, apply to different parts of your garden – from trees to flower beds to lawns. However, they all centre around maximising the regeneration potential of your garden after the winter months.

Spring Treatment for Lawns

Lawns require specific spring treatments – with products specifically designed for treating lawns (or ‘treating turf grass’). These products include:

Spring pest control treatments for lawns: designed to target specific pests such as grubs. Lawn pests overwinter under the ground. They can wreck your lawn before the grass gets a chance to grow.

Spring treatment weed control products: selective and non-selective herbicides. Selective pre-emergent herbicides can be combined with fertilizers and can be spread over the whole lawn. They target specific weeds and so won’t harm your lawn’s turf grass. Non-selective herbicides can be used for the spot treatment of other pre-emergent or emergent weeds.

Spring treatment lawn fertilisers: lawn fertilizers or ‘lawn food’. Spring treatment lawn fertilisers may include selective herbicides as well as pest control compounds.

The best way to do a spring lawn treatment

In order to give your lawn the best treatment in spring, you’ll need an excellent lawn fertilizer combined with a pre-emergent herbicide. Many lawn treatments combine the two. The best fertilizer for grass will be a high-nitrogen slow release fertilizer.

Pre-emergent herbicides work best at the start of the growing season – and before your grass gets growing. The herbicides can applied across the entire lawn area, or used as spot treatments. However, when combined with a fertilizer in one product, the product should be applied to the entire lawn area for the best spring treatment results.

Spring Treatment for Lawns for family sport and fun

Why early spring is the best time to start spring treatments for your lawn

It’s best to do your spring treatment for your lawn at the very start of spring. Grass is thus fertilised and primed to grow in the most pest-free and weed-free environment as possible. The grass is thus primed to grow healthily – as soon as the weather warms enough.

In promoting healthy growth from the start, spring treatments offer the one of the best ongoing pest, disease and weed management strategies. One that is organic, free and requires no further effort.

  • Healthy turf (and other plants) are best able to resist and also overcome pest infestations and damage.
  • Fungal and bacterial diseases can quickly take hold as the weather warms. Healthy plants are best able to resist infections.
  • Pre-emergent weed killer treatments will set the stage for successful weed control. However, no treatment can control for every weed and some targeted weeds do escape initial treatments. Healthy growth will help keep your lawn weed-free more than any other ongoing weed control measures and later lawn treatments.

Spring treatments are essential for the health and appearance of your lawn and garden.

Done correctly, with the right products (think organic, targeted and environmentally-friendly garden products), spring lawn treatments will promote a beautiful, pest-free, luscious green lawn in summer.

Spring treatments for lawn and garden ensure that you and your family will get to enjoy your lush green lawn surrounded by verdant growth and an abundance of blossoms and blooms and birds, along with the buzzing of bees and the orchestral sounds of a healthy summer garden ecosystem.