There are many different varieties of grass for lawns. Some grasses do better in full sun, others are better for sun and shade. Climate and weather also make a difference when it comes to what grass type is best for lawns. For example, the best grass for shade in one region may not be the best in another region. Focusing on Gauteng, the best grass for shade is one that does not need full sun all day, but can withstand the hot and dry conditions typical of Gauteng.

Shade grasses vs full sun grasses:

Most shade grasses are grasses that do well in both sun and shade, or in dappled shade. Few grasses (or plants of any type), will do well in areas where they never get any sun at all.

However, not all grasses are ‘shade tolerant’. The most popular lawn grass in Gauteng, for example, is Kikuyu. It’s popularity stems from it being fast growing (and so ideal for establishing a lawn) and tolerant of full sun and drought conditions. However, it is know to thin out quickly in shaded areas of the lawn.

These areas are better planted with a shade grass – either lawn grass or ornamental grasses.

Most popular grass for shade – full or partial shade:

The most popular shade grasses available in Gauteng include:

Buffalo Grass: Buffalo grass is a hardy, slow growing but robust lawn grass that does well in full sun, but can also tolerate dappled shade, or full shade for a few hours in the day. Buffalo grass is also indigenous and so perfectly adapted to Gauteng’s weather and climate.

LM Berea Grass: A type of Buffalo grass, LM Berea thrives in shady areas. It is a low-growing, creeping perennial grass that grows well in sandy soils. LM Berea can tolerate drought conditions, but also does well with humidity. As long as the soil is well draining, LM Berea is an ideal grass for shade – especially in the extremes of dry and wet typical of Gauteng.

St Augustine Grass: Highly popular for small gardens that only receive sun for a few hours a day. St Augustine is an easy, fast growing lawn grass species. It can tolerate (and even thrive) in shady gardens in Gauteng throughout the year.

Fescue Grasses: These are tall growing, soft grasses that do well in dappled sun and in shade. Some creeping fescue grass cultivars are ideal for shady lawns; other cultivars grow in an ornamental clump formation.

There are many to choose from – from turf grasses to bush grasses. Different types will be suited for different areas. However, they all make good grass for shade, and are popular in gardens all over Gauteng. Time to consider a lawn makeover, please contact us.


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