Dogs can wreak havoc on your manicured lawn. They might mot be as destructive as moles or grubs, but they make a mess of your grass over time. Following are some tips for keeping your lawn looking good as well as making it as a safe environment for your dog.

What dogs can do to lawns:

  • Unlike cats, which are far more discreet, dogs will do their business right there on the grass. Not just in one spot either. They can poop all over the place. Dog urine will brown your grass, as will dog poop if not cleaned up regularly.
  • Dogs will be dogs. Dogs like to dig holes. Most dogs will have a go at getting at something like a mole or anything else it spots moving about either in the grass, or under the surface of the soil.

Dog owners Lawn Care Tips:

  • Pick up dog messes daily.
  • Keep your dogs off the lawn directly after fertilising it. This is when dog urine, which is also high in nitrogen, can kill grass – by literally over fertilising it. This can happen anyway, so if you see brown patches appearing, try to encourage your dog to relive themselves in a fenced off, sandy back area, or when out for walks.
  • Related to the above, keeping a regular walk schedule after meals, can help prevent dogs relieving themselves on the lawn.
  • Dig a soil bed around any preferred trees or flowers around poles or anything else that would encourage your dog to ‘mark it’s territory. This will help absorb the extra nitrogen in the dog’s urine.
  • Keep your lawn short, and free of moles as far as you can. You can’t stop all bugs and creatures from making use of your garden, nor should you, but you can minimise the temptation for your dig to get at them.
  • Make use of lawn-care products that encourage healthy lawns, but with less nitrogen. Some of these are specifically designed for pet owners.

Dogs love lawns as much as we do. Keep your lawn looking good for you and your dog.


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