A beautiful well-kept and manicured lawn is always the ideal centre-piece of a great garden. It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge sweeping lawn, or just big enough for a few people to sit on. Lawns are focal points in garden design and aesthetics. However, lawns are often overlooked when it comes to planning your garden and choosing products and tools for garden maintenance.

Certain gardening tools are essential to keep your lawn looking great:

Essential equipment and great gadgets for lawn care:

Lawn-mower: The obvious number one tool for maintaining a manicured lawn is a lawn-mover. There are many different varieties of lawn-mover out there. Your gardening or lawn service professionals can help you choose the best type and model for your lawn.

Weed-eater / Trimmer: Equally essential is the hand-held ‘weed-eater’. Weed-eaters are the best (and certainly the quickest) way to keep your lawn edges and bedding edges neat. They are also ideal for clipping grass in any hard to reach areas in your lawn.


Leaf-rake: Keep your lawn looking green and great through autumn (and the rest of the year) with a wide-toothed leaf rake.

Soil rake: The soil rake is an essential gardening tool; not just for great lawns but for great gardens. Fine-toothed soil rakes help loosen and aerate soil and remove weeds, rocks, grubs and other ‘unwanted bodies’ from the soil . This is an essential tool for priming soil new grass or to help the existing grass grow.

Hose: make sure your garden hose has gentle or sprinkle settings and can reach all areas of your lawn. South African gardens in general need frequent manual watering with hosepipe.

Sprinkler system: Either manually controlled or on a timer, a sprinkler system is essential for large lawns and manicured gardens in dry areas. Also useful keep your lawn looking great when you are away

A pruning shear

Pruning shears are used for trimming and shaping small branches and shrubs, and they can also be used for deadheading flowers and removing spent blooms. With their sharp, curved blades, pruning shears make clean cuts that promote healthy plant growth and prevent damage to the plant. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the right one for the job at hand, whether you are pruning a small shrub or a larger tree branch.

A good pair of pruning shears should be comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, allowing you to make precise cuts with minimal effort. By incorporating pruning shears into your lawn care routine, you can help ensure that your plants and shrubs remain healthy and well-maintained, enhancing the overall beauty of your lawn and garden.

These are the most essential tools for lawn maintenance. Remember that you can always opt for regular lawn-care service to keep your lawn, and garden, look great!

a sprinkler system is essential for large lawns


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