It’s almost impossible to pin down the exact cost for a lawn care service as there are so many types – from one-off to annual lawn care packages. Lawn care services are almost always offered subject to quotation (SQ).

However, with general garden care services offered at an average of around R650 per visit (inclusive of labour, products, and equipment costs), you can base your idea of what your lawn care might cost on that.

Prices for a Garden and Lawn Care Service in Gauteng

A garden service in Gauteng will set you back between R400 and R700 per visit. The lower end of the price range would be for smaller residential gardens and lawns, and the higher end for larger gardens over 200 square metres in size.

A straight lawn mowing service could cost a lot less – anywhere between R200 to R300 per visit. However, ALL lawns and turf need more the mowing to keep them looking good.

Prices will vary depending on the lawn care services required, the size of the lawn, the service schedule and lawn care needs.

Average Costs for an Individual Lawn Care Service

  • Mowing / cutting. Cost: SQ
  • Spring and other seasonal treatments involving weed control, pest control and fertilising. seeding, laying down of new grass, weed and pest control, mowing, de-thatching (verti-cutting long grass) and the application of top soil. Cost: SQ
  • All year lawn care: A comprehensive lawn care treatment programme with monthly to yearly services, including aeration, pest control, weed control with herbicides, disease control with fungicides, fertilising and booster nutrient treatments. Cost: SQ
  • Winter lawn care (May to July): Basic lawn care services to ensure your lawn survives winter and is optimally ready to benefit from spring treatments. Cost: SQ
  • Targeted lawn pest control: SQ or do-it-yourself with recommended pest control products
  • Individual weed control treatments: SQ or do-it-yourself with recommended herbicides
  • Planting and seeding: SQ
  • Core Aeration: Lawns and sports field turf can become compacted over time. Core aeration is an annual lawn care service that helps to alleviate compaction and aerate the soil. This is an essential service to maintain healthy grass roots and green lawns in the long term: SQ
Prices will vary depending on the lawn care services required and are usually subject to quotation

Getting a quote for your lawn care service:

Taking the variances involve in planning for the cost of lawn care service, you would need to get a personalised quote for your unique lawn care needs. Quotations can be for:

  • Individual lawn care service – regular (e.g. quarterly lawn treatments) or ‘ad hoc’ lawn care services, as needed (e.g. pest or weed control).
  • Lawn care service included in more comprehensive garden care services.
  • Ongoing dedicated lawn care – with scheduled maintenance and treatments tailored to keep your lawn looking its individual best.

Most lawn care services are a combination of the above.

  • A regular lawn care schedule and garden maintenance service would also likely involve extra treatments and other targeted lawn care from time to time.
  • Follow-up visits may be required for certain lawn treatments and plantings. They are usually included in the original quote and do not involve any extra costs.
  • Finally, it’s well worth comparing the long-term costs of individual treatments against a quote on a yearly or bi-annual lawn (or lawn and garden) care package.

Chat to your lawn care specialist to tailor a lawn care plan that is ideal for your lawn and garden, and fits in budget for your garden and lawn care services.


I am a lawn care treatment specialist whose passion for working outdoors has blossomed into a thriving business. What sets me apart is my dedication to understanding each lawn’s unique needs. I don’t just apply generic treatments; I assess soil conditions, identify specific grass types, and tailor my approach accordingly. This personalised touch has earned me a reputation for delivering exceptional results. I now offer comprehensive lawn care solutions, including planting, executing meticulous cleanups, and even crafting stunning landscapes. My team and I value building relationships with our clients, taking time to educate them about proper lawn care practices, empowering them to maintain healthy, beautiful lawns year-round.